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Strategic Communications Portfolio

Explore my portfolio showcasing impactful strategic communications initiatives that drive growth and inspire change. Discover how I transform visions into powerful narratives and results. 

Anti-Bullying Campaign

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Bullying casts a dark shadow over the lives of many children, leading to a host of negative consequences, including social isolation and feelings of powerlessness. This campaign was born out of my urgent need to shine a light on this issue and engage potential donors to support this crucial cause.



This marketing campaign served as a beacon of hope, raising awareness about the long-lasting and potentially devastating effects of bullying on a child's life. Through daily social media efforts, I championed positive parenting strategies, with a particular focus on the transformative power of actively listening to children.


  • Decreased Bullying Incidents: Strategic efforts resulted in an impressive decrease of 30% in bullying incidents within afterschool programs, fostering a notably safer and more inclusive environment for children.

  • Donor Engagement: The campaign effectively captured the attention of potential donors, with a 40% increase in donor engagement, enabling me to secure the necessary funds to provide essential support to kids in need.

  • Hopeful Futures: Collectively, we've made a lasting impact on the lives of these young individuals, giving them hope for a brighter, bully-free future as I continue to strive for positive change.

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