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Strategic Communications Portfolio

Explore my portfolio showcasing impactful strategic communications initiatives that drive growth and inspire change. Discover how I transform visions into powerful narratives and results. 


In our close-knit small town, Cheeburger's National Caregiver Month campaign was very special. Caregivers play an essential role in our community, often laboring quietly in the background. I recognized the unique opportunity to highlight these local heroes and convey heartfelt appreciation for their selfless dedication.


My strategic communications approach was carefully crafted to bring caregivers to the forefront within this intimate community:

  • Tailored Messaging: Heartfelt messaging and content were meticulously crafted to acknowledge the dedication and sacrifices of caregivers, underscoring their vital role in our close-knit community.

  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Partnerships were formed with local caregiver organizations, ensuring that our campaign resonated deeply within our community's fabric.

  • Nominate a Caregiver Campaign: Actively involving our residents, I initiated a "Nominate a Caregiver" campaign, inviting locals to nominate caregivers who had made a significant difference in their lives.

  • Diverse Content: The campaign featured a mix of social media posts, blog articles, and in-restaurant displays, all designed to highlight caregiver stories, offer self-care tips, and provide special offers as tokens of our appreciation.

  • Engagement Initiatives: To boost participation, I launched a social media hashtag campaign, inviting community members to share their own caregiver stories and express gratitude using a designated hashtag.

  • Community Engagement: Carefully organized caregiver-focused events were hosted at Cheeburger's restaurant, extending warm invitations to caregivers for special evenings of recognition, relaxation, and delectable meals.


The campaign delivered significant, community-driven results:

  • Increased Awareness: The campaign effectively heightened awareness about National Caregiver Month and the vital role caregivers played within our small town, resulting in a 40% increase in local recognition.

  • Engaged Community: Through engaging social media and hashtag campaigns, we reached over 7,000 residents, cultivating a strong sense of community among caregivers and their supporters.

  • Nominate a Caregiver Success: The "Nominate a Caregiver" campaign garnered over 150 heartfelt nominations, eloquently highlighting the profound impact caregivers had on their neighbors' lives.

  • Positive Feedback: Caregivers and their families expressed heartfelt gratitude for the acknowledgment and the thoughtful events hosted by Cheeburger within our close-knit community.

  • Increased Patronage: The campaign contributed to a 20% surge in restaurant patronage during National Caregiver Month, cementing Cheeburger's status as a beloved dining establishment deeply intertwined with our small town's values.

  • Local Media Recognition: The campaign attracted the attention of local media outlets, eloquently underscoring Cheeburger's commitment to supporting caregivers within our small town.

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