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Strategic Communications Portfolio

Explore my portfolio showcasing impactful strategic communications initiatives that drive growth and inspire change. Discover how I transform visions into powerful narratives and results. 


Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, aimed to strengthen its communication efforts to better connect with supporters, raise awareness about hunger issues, and mobilize action. The organization faced several key challenges:

  • Brand Visibility: Enhancing brand visibility and ensuring consistent messaging across its network of food banks.

  • Donor Engagement: Deepening engagement with existing donors and attracting new ones through compelling storytelling.

  • Digital Presence: Strengthening its digital presence to connect with a wider audience.

  • Awareness Campaigns: Effectively educating the public about hunger issues and driving support for their initiatives.


I worked closely with Feeding America to address these challenges and develop a tailored solution:

  • Brand Consistency: Assisted in developing guidelines to ensure consistent messaging and visual identity across communication channels.

  • Donor-Centric Content: Helped craft stories of individuals and families benefiting from Feeding America’s programs, emphasizing the role of donors in these success stories.

  • Enhanced Digital Strategy: Contributed to overhauling the website to improve user experience and optimize for search engines. Supported social media campaigns to engage a broader audience.

  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Assisted in designing and implementing national campaigns such as Hunger Action Month, utilizing multimedia content to raise awareness and mobilize support.


The implementation of these strategies led to notable improvements for Feeding America:

  • Increased Brand Recognition: Enhanced brand recognition through consistent messaging and a unified visual identity.

  • Stronger Donor Engagement: Increased donor interactions and online donations through compelling storytelling and targeted outreach.

  • Enhanced Digital Presence: Significant increase in web traffic, social media followers, and overall online engagement.

  • Successful Awareness Campaigns: Raised public awareness about hunger issues, driving increased support and volunteerism during key periods.



The strategic communications support provided to Feeding America helped address their initial challenges and strengthened their ability to fulfill their mission. By enhancing brand visibility, deepening donor engagement, and leveraging digital platforms, Feeding America amplified its impact, demonstrating the power of effective communication in the nonprofit sector.


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