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Strategic Communications Portfolio

Explore my portfolio showcasing impactful strategic communications initiatives that drive growth and inspire change. Discover how I transform visions into powerful narratives and results. 

dREAM Center Church Of Atlanta

ReFUEL Project

dReam Center ReFUEL.jpg


The ministry faced a challenge with declining attendance at their Tuesday night service and sought to rebrand it, with a focus on making it more family and community-oriented.


After delving into the data from previous events, it became evident that unclear messaging was a significant issue leading to attendance decline. To address this, I identified the target market and conducted market research to understand the family's challenges. This led to the creation of the ReFUEL Campaign, designed to:

  • Combat community hunger

  • Provide additional educational resources to the community

  • Encourage a healthier lifestyle within the community

  • Educate the community on managing their finances


In collaboration with the design team, the message was refined and simplified. As a result:

  • Attendance at the weekly Tuesday night service increased by 50%.

  • Online posts reached 35% more people, with a 45% increase in engagement rate.

  • Tithing within the ministry also experienced a significant increase.

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